21 Comments on “We Hosted The First Ever Brad & Kyle Clinic!”

  1. I think a clinic in Florida during the winter would be a great move lol !! Love your videos. Watch them all !!

  2. Hello Gentlemen! Let me know if you ever having a clinic near California and I will be there. Great work guys. Keep it going. Thanks

  3. I will pay $700 for a Brad and Kyle clinic with Daniel P and The House bowlers 1 week before the Action 🎬 at Bayside Bowl!! That Bayside looks phenomenal on TV!!
    And would pay $500 for a Clinic at Woodlands bowl in Indy with Brad and Kyle and the House guys!!
    Make it happen!! Love the channel ❀️

  4. Been watching this video start to finish, and I have to say learning about different oil patterns and bowling styles helps, I carry a 102 average and I have an ambidextrous hook which means I can do a lefty’s hook shot right handed, as well as a righties hook shot, my problem is consistency because some shots I do with both styles of hook, but sometimes has bad results which I went to two lighter pound bowling balls, a 14 pound storm tropical surge and a storm ice 14 pound to where it’s more comfortable for me instead of 16 pound balls

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