26 Comments on “We Need EVERY Strike To Make The Cut”

  1. You guys did everything you could attempt to make the cut. Looks like u guys finished strong and never gave up. Love the video

  2. Love you guys, thank you for being there in my life without even knowing, keep being the amazing guys you are and hopefully iโ€™ll see you this weekendโค๏ธ

  3. Had some mic issues this week but should be good to go for the Doubles! Thanks for the support everyone (:

    1. If it helps your camera/sound/editor guy… I listen to your channel through Bluetooth hearing aids… and the clickety-clackety sounds (i.e. the pinsetting machines), are certainly overwhelming on this particular video. Otherwise… love the channel and what you guys do for the sport of bowling.

  4. Love what you guys do for the sport of bowling. Looking forward to bowling in the Roth Holman doubles pro am on Monday. Life has been a crap shoot for me the past few weeks, losing my job and about to lose my cat due to a tumor. Bowling is about the only thing in my life right now that has meaning. Thank you so much for making great content and inspiring those of us who want to keep getting better at the game. God bless you guys.

  5. Take care guys, travel safe, good luck at the doubles event. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Packy making faces was funny. Great video as always and you guys will pick it up! Prather always with the plugs! Great hype man! lol

  7. Love the channel, cant even imagine how crazy difficult it has to be moving pair to pair with all the change and not shooting 120, great job on the effort, cheers!

  8. Brad and Kyle enjoy the content. It was nice to meet Brad before the start as I explained it was my first national event I competed in

  9. Highly respect shouting out all the other bloggers. Absolutely agree more exposure of our best players will help the sport. We can only partially catch a glimpse of our pros personalities in pro-ams but you get to be yourselves in these videos and itโ€™s much appreciated.

  10. You guy’s inspire me so much and perhaps alot of people across the country!!! Thank you for all the video’s!!!

  11. This is my first year following professional bowling. I didn’t realize there were so few tourneys

    1. There’s a bunch of regional tournaments, as well as pba50, pwba. The world series and this players championship are marathons, too. Still, I do wish the PBA season was longer.

  12. It was cool to see Kyle crossing with Ramsey Basurto. I know Ramsey. Heโ€™s a nice, very genuine guy, an amazing tournament director, and one heck of a bowler. This is his first year out on the tour and this was the first time heโ€™s ever made the cut in a national event. He truly made everyone down in SoCal very proud.

  13. Props to Prather for reminding me to hit the like button every once in a while, and to everyone else who did it. BTW mans KP has got the smoothest release on tour, its like butter man.

  14. You guys are awesome – get motivated every time I watch one of your videos. Nothing but respect for you both and your team!

  15. @BradandKyle

    Just echoing what’s already been said. Thanks for everything you do for the sport we love.

    And to Brad specifcally:

    The passion you have for this industry and sport really shined threw in the latter portion of this vlog. It’s as clear as day. You have a deep respect and admiration for the game and your peers. I bowled league earlier and have been bowling off and on for decades and what you said really resonated with me.

    You not only make me want to be a better bowler, but a better person.

    Thanks man.

  16. Thanks for being so humble brad and Kyle, I know the year didn’t turn out the way it did but your living a dream opportunity each day ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

  17. Good to see you guys supporting other bowlers. It shows you guys are close act!! Love the videos too.

  18. Barnes Jr has an awesome channel, too. It’s pretty awesome to see him and his dad bowl against each other.

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