24 Comments on “We Should’ve Bowled Better | 2021 US Open”

    1. Norm is a master of throwing it anywhere the lane demands:-) Ball speed and pinpoint accuracy goes along way in bowling.

  1. I wonder when Wesley is going to vlog again. Keep grinding Brad and Kyle, your fans believe in you! ❤️🎳

  2. Like any “sport”, it’s an activity for amateurs, but for the PROS, it’s a sport. Very few people would be able to bowl as many games in a day/week as the pros and deal with everything else they deal with at tournaments. It’s too bad there’s not more sponsorship money in it for them. Hard for many pros to make a decent living just bowling.

  3. Brad, you should try out some short pin reactive balls to see if you can match up rather than using urethane.

  4. I wish they went into the day with confidence for once. They always have this air of doubt. Even if you suck. Be confident! “TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER.” No I guess or maybe. DO IT

  5. It was nice meeting both you and Kyle over the past couple days. I wish you guys the best, both this week and the weeks after! ✊🏼🙂🎳

  6. Kyle, start practicing throwing it two-handed from the left side and you can throw it from either side depending on the conditions.

  7. This is pro sports, get a new manager/ball rep. With so many possible balls to use, find the one!

  8. Even when I can tell it’s a tough day on the lanes for the crew, it’s still a good vlog. Bowling is HARD and you all have made TV so we know you have the physical skills.

    I for one admire the fact that even when you don’t feel like making content, you still do. I bet you’ve even been told that if you put down the cameras for a day you’d bowl better. I don’t think that’s true at all. Keep grindin’ fellas! We appreciate it!

  9. Love your videos. It’s a grind to be a good bowler. Everyday is a new day and anything is possible. You guys got this

  10. my high today was a 181… not too hot, but only 2 open frames… im proud of it to only have been hooking a ball for 3 weeks now.

  11. I bowled the tour in 73. While the patterns and the equipment are night and day different, the emotions following a sub optimal block are freaking identical. So cool to be able to follow life on tour against the best in the world thru your eyes 🎳

  12. Biggest motivation, brads mentality influences me so much , my mental game was killing my overall outcome and watching Brad and how he handles his mental game makes me so much better , keep grinding Brad

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