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  1. Very interesting challenge. Had me laughing enough that I almost had tears in my eyes. Love your challenge videos and love what you guys do. Would like to see you guys do your own strike derby (maybe with other House members if possible) to see who can bowl the most strikes in 2 minutes.

  2. This is how I throw my spares (still with plastic). I was a little surprised at how little it was hooking for them. I probably keep a good half or third of my rev rate on it when I take my hand completely out, but maybe the oil was laid on a bit thick that day. Keep at it though. Would be cool to teflon coat a ball and see if you can still make it hook.

  3. I thought you two would have been taking advantage of changing the axis or reversing the layout for opposite hooks! Please, do more of these now that there’s a basic idea on rolling a no-hole ball.

  4. Good vid, fellas! Who’s ball will that be, after it’s cleaned up and drilled? Another question: have either of you actually bowled a 292 game? I remember some time ago Kent Wagner ACTUALLY did that in league. For you kiddies out there, he’s a former PBA tour member, and spouse of LPBT (PWBA) HoF’er Lisa Wagner. Cheers!

  5. I’m at 6:32… no WAY either of these guys is getting 3 strikes in 12 minutes.! lol πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  6. This is interesting challenge with no holes, plus the way you guys were going is funny. Love your videos

  7. I was wondering, do you guys ever bowl with your subscribers? I live just down south of you in Fenton, and would love to bowl a game or two with you guys.

  8. Technically.. like a two hander drilling has a very high pin above grip as a normal control drilling you would need to exaggerate further and move the pin further to the right of your hand to compensate for where the weight wasn’t removed. You were throwing balls that were practically set up to roll backup

  9. First to win a PBA title wearing crocs!!! now there’s a challenge for you all!! haha!!

  10. This is really fun to watch, cause I’ll try this when I get a new ball if I can’t wait to use it

  11. You guys should join a League! Love watching you guys just bowl . Extra content also . Just a thought ! Great vid as always πŸ”₯

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