25 Comments on “We Threw an Upside-Down Bowling Ball w/ 5 Holes!”

  1. My fingers hurt just watching this! Nice to see coach join you. Fun challenge … and one that I will never attempt!

  2. you guys are my favorite bowlers! Keep the amazing videos coming and good luck on all upcoming events! This video was so awesome.

  3. You guys must have been inspired by Packy, lol. Also, just wanted to say…(and sorry to sound like a broken record), but I bowled my highest game last night, a 224!!! I choked in the 9th frame and missed a 7 pin, but other than that, I was confident of where to stand on the approach and what mark to hit. Didn’t bowl a 600 series that I was hopeful about, but happy to have bowled higher than a 209. You guys inspire me and so many other people who want to get better at bowling. Keep doing what you guys do. I think I’m gonna go buy one of those shirts, heeheehee. πŸ™‚

    1. @Talbert Mount thanks. I’ll find a time to get some practice in and film a few shots.

    2. @KingLegend76 Ok, I can’t tell if you’re serious or being silly, but I’m a little hurt by that. I’ve only been bowling since 2019 after taking a break for 15 years, so to have a 161 average before bowling last night is quite an achievement for me. My average was in the 140-150 range last season in league, so I’m making strides and I do not plan on quitting anytime soon. I wouldn’t still be bowling if not for Brad and Kyle’s awesome content. ❀

  4. If either of you get the urge again, perhaps dropping Steve Fehr a line for advice on how to fit the index finger better on the ball may help! πŸ˜‰

  5. My brother did this with a plastic ball close to a decade ago, and we found out that throwing with the pinkie finger in makes flat-handing at corner pins a lot easier. Keeps you from going around the ball as much and keep the wrist flatter. I’ve been using spare balls with a pinkie finger hole ever since. It’s kind of irrelevant now that I’ve learned how to properly flat-hand at spares, but it gives me a bit more control and stability over just using the ring & middle fingers.

    Downside is that with the rule change in 2019, you have to use the extra finger holes at all times. That prevents me from throwing a hook with my spare ball (say for a 3-6-7-10) or using a urethane as a spare ball to keep one in my bag at all times.

  6. My dad had a Pain Raw Hammer drilled up with 5 holes to make it easier for him to bowl since he had arthritis. I shot a 300 with it two weeks after he got it 🀣

  7. When I first started bowling (when I was 6) I actually used my index and middle finger. I just assumed those were the fingers you used. Bowled my entire first year like that. Somehow never paid enough attention to everyone else bowling with different fingers than me. My Dad also watched me bowl like that the whole year, didn’t say a word. (He had been bowling for 25+ years at that point so one would think he’d correct me pretty quickly…nope. I’m convinced he let me continue doing it as a joke to himself, lol)

  8. Since we all know this ball is never getting used again this would make a really good giveaway once you reach your next subscription goal! Autographs and “whole hand challenge” sounds about right! Just a suggestion! Btw the new tshirts somewhat match the color scheme of the gem lol!

  9. I like the “thump, thump, thump” as it rolls over the holes. Sounds like it has a flat spot.

  10. Love the video! Poor Coach Daniel who had to sit back and watch the chaos unfold πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (all jokes of course).

  11. Thank you for making bowling so much with your videos love my gem ball , would like to see how the gem would do in super heavy oil ,( the house I use the same old 35 foot house shot

  12. Funny video. Love the shirts! If the everyday bowlers start wanting to roll the ball with 5 fingers in the ball you might be getting some hate mail from operators. Lol keep up the vlogs guys. Hope to met you both one day

  13. 30 years ago when I worked in a pro shop, we had a few retirees that we drilled claw grips for. If you didn’t get the pitches right, especially lateral pitches, it was very uncomfortable.

  14. Brad doing a bit for Keeps was GOLD! LMAO!
    Back in the day (mid ’90’s) I knew a guy that had a ball drilled for 3 fingers and the thumb. He didn’t bring it out often, but he did throw it.

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