27 Comments on “We Went Bowling at the Nerd (Simo’s place)”

    1. Agreed!!! I opened the alley while I was in college. 16 lanes setting and dropping at one time from pure silence. Priceless!!!

  1. Interesting place, definitely unique. But guys, you GOTTA remix the audio on here. Could hardly hear a thing that was said.

  2. Such a super cool alley! Definitely need to check it out when I’m in Vegas for Nationals. Why the hell do they have that instead of a mechanical bull? LOL

  3. Cool place. Might have to drop in while I’m at nationals. Not to split hairs, but the title says “We went and bowled” – I didn’t see you bowling.

    1. I’m guessing they bowled but didn’t include it in the video package. In once scene, Brad still has a tape strip on his thumb. I doubt he wore that over from another bowling center.

    2. I guess they will have a whole video coming up, or even multiple videos recorded. Looks like they had a major setup with lights and cameras on the lanes.

  4. DOPE. Simo is a cool dude and I was lucky enough to take a behind the scenes tour of the alley and he has definitely put a lot of time and effort into the Nerd. Awesome vid!

  5. Needs some couches in the movie theater, pretty cool I’ll probably never get the chance to visit the Nerd. But it’s good to see someone investigating into bowling. Here in Detroit we’re losing bowling centers seems like 3or4 every season.

  6. Loved the video but wished the music was a bit softer. Simo speaks so softly and it wasn’t the easiest to hear him.

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