19 Comments on “We Were Both Leading the Tournament…”

  1. I can’t wait it’s gonna be a great bowling tournament today I believe in everybody I hope everybody has fun see you there my friend

  2. Brad, you bowled really good with the Gem. That ball rolls great and looks pretty. Best of luck to you guys today. You got this! <3

  3. Now feels like the beginnings of ascension for the PBA, much like when Tiger kicked popularity up multiple levels for golf. There are a lot of really good rollers out there now! And so many are genuinely interesting. All increasing knowledge and exposure to your world. I’m curious what numbers will reflect soon regarding pro membership increases, tourney numbers and purse increases, and especially if sponsorship earnings increase and elevate the world of all involved…the way it happened for other growing-in-popularity sports, like golf. Bowling alleys seem a lot more enjoyable now then when I was younger. A lot brighter (and less smoky), too. That’s thanks to guys like you and exposure like this channel. Roll on!

  4. Awesome bowling guys! No Dennis this week? That GEM looks amazing. Good luck today… GO HOUSE BOWLERS!!!

  5. Keep the energy up, B & K! I think big Brad needs a hug! “Feel the force, Luke!” Doing great guys!

  6. I love you too Brad, Kyle and Mikey! Keep rolling, keep living the dream! Always with you guys in my heart.

  7. I had the first game of the pro am with Kyle, been awesome watching you guys in person this weekend

  8. Just awesome how you both handled the Saturday grind. Lot of games and intense pressure. Really surprising to see so many 300 games. Stay confident and never forget you always have the support of your fans. All the best to you both.

  9. I love this content, you guys are great! I love seeing the behind the scenes of everything. And also both of you are great bowlers, I hope to be as good as you guys are one day

  10. 6:44 when he turns around and notices what he got it makes me feel like thats how everyone wants to react at a bad break lol.

  11. Congrats you two!!! Keep it up. Questions: I joined your yearly membership just recently, but I’m unable to join the group on Facebook??? Status is pending?? How long does the onboarding or what not take ? I’m super pumped to start improving my game and obtaining the 200 avg. that has eluded me for all 4 years of bowling on a league. Q1

  12. The release for Brad and Kyle this year is much improved… So soft and so smooth… makes for easier repetition… no wonder they are bowling so well! Hard work is paying off…

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