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35 Comments on “Webinar – Personalizing your bowling ball arsenal to win”

  1. Lots of pin up, pin down lay out discussion. I’ve watched numerous videos that draw the conclusion that pin up v. Pin down has a relatively minor effect on ball motion and results. Comments/clarification?? Seems the more information I get the more confused I become.

    1. The RG and Differential definitely change as you move the pin up and down which has an effect on ball motion. The little things can make a big difference when you are talking about trying to get the pins to fall.

    1. It depends on the player. It is a little higher diff than we usually prefer but it is a hybrid so it would likely be ok. We would probably lean towards the IQ for Fresh and Phaze 2 for the Ball up but we could likely tweak layouts and surfaces depending on the player.

  2. As a high rev 450-500 and 19-20mph off my hand, is the Storm Match Up a better option then the Tropical Surge Pearl for the burn?

    1. Not Likely. The lower differential on the tropical surge would probably match up to your game better. The differential isn’t so much higher that you couldn’t make both work.

  3. For a matched player that throws 14 lbs ball. Does it make sense to use a 900 Global Flux with a 2.62 RG and .022 Diff as a BURN ball since this fits into “Highest RG, Lowest Diff? It is also a solid coverstock with and asym core. Thank you.

    1. It is the right RG and Diff. Usually we wouldn’t do an Asym but it is a very weak one. Try it out and see if it gives the mellow controllable reaction you need for that environment. If not, then find something that matches up better for your game.

    2. KegelTrainingCenter Yeah. 900 Global has historically used a two piece construction so there 14lb balls are terrible. They are correcting this as you can see from the more recent Badger releases

    1. Depends on the type of player but for a balanced player likely a combination of these: Fresh: Equilibrium, Ball Up: Volatility, Late Hook: Volt, Burn: Badger Infused

    2. thanks for your suggestion…a right hand tweener for the most part, more comfortable right of 25 but learning to get more left

  4. Amazing Seminar Video!!! … You are spot on and no one can wrap there head around it (Every 170 bowler knows more than you) … I can’t preach enough of your wisdom as you are absolutely correct about everything 🙂 … I am a 200 avg bowler with the same bag, balls and surfaces as you recommend but I still struggle with the next level? … I am 60 with all the information but I am Rev Dominate (16mph/375rpm) with 17 tilt, 60 rotation, 5″ x 5/8″ PtoP … Should I consider dropping to 14#’s to become Slightly Rev Dominate and take advantage of the speed increase or adjust my layout for Rev Dom??? … Thanks for Sharing your WISDOM

    1. When you say you struggle at the next level…are you talking about after your burn ball or at higher level events? If you are talking about higher level events…you might need to close in the gaps so you have more options in between. If you are talking about after your burn ball, you need a weaker burn ball or Urethane.

    2. @KegelTrainingCenter Thanks for replying 🙂 … Struggling to raise my avg to 210-220 … Any Low Volume or Short Pattern is a 530-560 night … I either struggle to get the ball far enough down the lane or the urethane/plastic bowlers make it over/under … I have a great burn ball (Tundra Prl 500/1000/Pol 95×5.25×75) … Its that Late Hook Ball that is an issue … im using a Hammer Vibe Solid 500/2000/4000 95×4.50×50 which gets down the lane but those urethane/plastic bowlers make the shot very difficult for me.

    3. @Mark Baxter It sounds like you might need something in between. You could tweak the surfaces to match better or try to find something higher RG but still in the med diff category or a different cover that is similar to the Vibe. Assuming you are throwing 15# the Tundra is 2.57 .029, The Vibe is 2.51 .042. So, something 2.57 .045ish? or 2.50ish .045ish with a stronger cover than the vibe. I would start with tweaking surfaces first.

    4. Looks like a 3000 – 3500 lower surface would work on the Vibe with current drilling? … I can try 360/3000 or 2000/1000 or what about a Motiv Supra 2.57 .050 with 90×1.81×45 with 500/2000 … THS Low Volume 39′ 17.56 ml

  5. Loving this simple approach to building an arsenal. Makes it very simple to know when and why to use what ball. Thanks for the video. But I do have a question. I do not plan on punching any of my balls up with weight holes and the fresh ball with a pin down layout is a type of ball that u would put a weight hole in to help it start up. Now since I am not planning on using a weight hole should I change the layout to get it to see the lane closer to if it had a weight hole in it.? If so what change should I make the drill angle, Val angle, or pin to pap?

    1. If you are Rev Dominant it will be fine likely. If you are more on the speed dominant size you could use surface. If that isn’t enough…then switch to a really week Asymmetric.

  6. Great information, thank you. What 3 ball arsenal would you recommend for a rev dominant player. 15 mph, 320 revs? I bowl mostly with Storm equipment.

    1. Assuming you are bowling on mostly medium house patterns. I would skip the Ball up and add it later if you need it. If you are bowling on heavy/medium patterns then you could find a ball up and eliminate the burn.: Fresh – IQ Tour Solid, Late Hook – HyRoad X, Burn – Match Up

  7. Very informative, thanks a bunch. Do you see short pin layouts having a place in an arsenal and if so where ?

  8. Would you still go pin down on your Counter Attack example that has a diff of .023 which is lower than the Match Up .037 diff for 15lb

    1. Yes. I would likely use a stronger pin to pap for the counter attack but definitely still pin down to help smooth out the reaction.

  9. What do you guys think of the Track Kinetic Obsidian as that fresh ball. That and the Paradox Black would make a good looking duo

  10. I want to thank you for the video. At the age of 62 I have been working on my game and watched everything on learning this great game that sometimes that can drive you crazy. I drilled up 5 balls based on your system and I went yesterday to the center to bowl on the burn. TURBO R who have to be kidding me. I just ordered 2 more purple. Today I will bowl on a fresh. Again THANK YOU.

  11. I am 77 with a PAP of 5 1/2 x1/8 up. Medium axis.
    I just finished putting together my 3 ball arsenal. Prism Hybrid 20×4.5.20. Vintage Phantom 50×4.5×30. Uppercut 35.4.55. I bowl at 2 different houses with different oil/length layouts. I love all 3

  12. I currently have:
    Crux Prime (Ball Up)
    Phaze 2 (Fresh)
    Black Widow Pink (Late Hook)
    Purple Hammer Urethane (Urethane/Control/Burn)

    What ball do you think I should get for my arsenal? that would fit in between below my Phaze 2/Black widow pink and above my Purple Hammer Urethane because I am a two hander. All balls are box finishes

  13. This was awesome. Tons of good info. As a weekly league bowler looking to step into more tournaments, this webinar was a perfect prerequisite

  14. What about the bowling balls that dont fit into the four non urethane categories like 2.46rg? Are the balls that don’t meet the the specs for each category are they just anomalies? Also what about speed dominant, re v dominant, and balanced, is there something specific they should be leaning towards with these categories or are these numbers for each one geared more towards balanced?

    1. Every ball could fit in an arsenal, it just depends on what it naturally does. The 2.46 are stronger so they would work early smooth as long as they aren’t too strong. The more speed dominant someone is the more you would make the equipment stronger primarily with rg. The more rev dominant the weaker primarily with differential.

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