20 Comments on “We’re Making Vlogs Again”

  1. Click Bait and B-Squad back on the vlogs again! Very cool! Good to see you, Kyle–I’m glad you have recovered from your surgery and am back on the lanes again.
    Just a suggestion for future vlogs–try not to swing the camera so much when handholding. It’s very disorientating.

  2. Nice to see Brad and Kyle vlogging together again. Good luck in Wisconsin this weekend guys. You’re almost at 100k subs! Looking forward to seeing more content. 😀

  3. Any chance that you guys know when the first PBA televised event is gonna be happening? I’m really excited to see who’s gonna take home the gold for the 2022 season.

  4. Setting a very good example with the slow and easy warmups too… I vividly remember being at Showboat as a kid in the early 80s and seeing Holman, Roth, Martin, Bellinger, Mattingly, Cook, and others do just that for at least 10 mins. As a scrappy kid I found this odd. Now that I’m WAY opposite of young, I understand. I hope your injuries are behind you Kyle.

  5. Are those the lanes you always use? I was on those a month ago or so and was so confused. Like there was no way it was a house shot, pattern was super long.

  6. Welcome back! Good to see the dynamic duo back together. I’ve missed these types of videos. Good luck this upcoming season.

  7. Just what I need to kick off the weekend. Good Bowling at the Orf Doubles Kyle! Welcome back to the YouTube’s Boys, and great to see you Brad F’in Miller!!!

  8. Hell yea the Batman and Robin of the PBA are finally back. Glad to see you back Kyle. Good luck in the regional. Totally stoked the Vlogs are back.

  9. Hi Kyle, great to see you back bowling, you have been missed, It is nice of the Center to let you use the lane machine. That is a huge advantage getting to practice on different conditions. Best of luck for all your future Bowling Tournaments.

  10. Something I noticed when you were drilling, do you not drill a pilot hole when installing switch grips? I always drill a 1 1/32” hole as deep as my press will allow before drilling the 1 1/2” hole for the switch outer sleeve. I find that having that small cavity at the bottom helps clear debris and it also never hurts to be able to get a little more of the core out at the bottom (as Mo used to say…)

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