What A Legend! | PBA Indianapolis Open

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The PBA Indianapolis Open was another successful week. Even though we didn't win, it was amazing to see one of the legends of the game, Norm Duke, come away with his 39th title. Norm is an idol to many of us out here on the PBA Tour and it's an absolute honor to be competing along side of him. Oh, and I also get to design Brad's jersey, what should I put on it??

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34 Comments on “What A Legend! | PBA Indianapolis Open”

  1. really enjoyed the longer video vlog for this tournament. Keep up the great work both on the lanes and with the camera fellas!

  2. @ kyle, i cant stop laughing with your jersey design🤣🤣🤣…seriously ..cant wait to see brad wearing it…LOL😂😂😂

  3. Great Job by you both this week. Kyle, congratulations on your 300 game!!! I’ll be watching you guys today on FloBowling, good luck in Jonesboro.

  4. Great bowling guys. Congrats on the 300 Kyle and Brad you were great at posting your shots this week but ran out of gas in match play (more leg work, lol). 👍👍

    1. Also Brad and Kyle could you please do a podcast with Chris barnes, the man is literally a legend at the sport

  5. Lol…..you guys click baited us….thought we’d get some behind the scenes stuff with Norm after his great win. Seriously though….another great video guys…keep it coming!

    1. Would be great if you guys can do a podcast with Norm, hopefully finding out how he managed to excel through matchplay over these two tournaments rather than falling away like many, including yourselves, did. That said, you have both beaten a lot of top and way more experienced guys, so very well done indeed!

    2. @Dad Busy When the title has the term “Legend “ in it, when Norm wins the Indianapolis Open and then when there’s a shot of Norm in the picture ….what do you expect? I don’t know about you but I’m expecting to see more stuff about Norm in the blog…don’t you think?

  6. I love these vlog’s.  Never before could we see the behind the scenes stuff.  It’s so interesting. Plus the Jersey design is spot-on and hilarious.  Thanks guys for doing this.

  7. Every time a pro bowling blog comes on it makes my day it’s so cool to see the behind the scenes about what happens before the tv final👍 keep up the amazing work

  8. 16 pound spare ball! That’s hillarious!! Also the picture of brad missing that 4 pin 😂. Love the channel!

  9. was cool to see you both made the cut for matchplay on the telecast! great video…you guys are really improving it’s great to see the raw process and grind.

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