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37 Comments on “What Balls We Drilling? | PBA Oklahoma Open”

    1. @Ron Beavers yeah but people have to understand that athletes in all fields get a discount or aren’t charged for their equipment. It’s the perks of being at that level and the trade of is the companies get their equipment showcased

    2. Ron Beavers it’s true. I bowled the Masters in 2015 and 50 bucks was the price to get something new drilled on the truck

  1. You guys should do a drilling tutorial. Including measurements, ideas on layouts and on overview on the drilling process using the press

    1. that assumes the player knows anything about drilling. Surprisingly enough & historically most players know little to nothing about layout, surface & fitting. And really the topic would require a longer videos, at least 30min per, to scratch the surface on each area of fitting, selection, layout, surface, player’s physical needs….

      Several good resources are Bowling This Month website (first mag that focused on the technical aspects of the game & gear started in the 90s) lot’s of info there, Mo Pinel does a few drilling videos in YouTube and he’s very good but an acquired taste, I found some basic layout videos from Storm describing their layout system (same as Pinel’s just uses angles vs all distance values). Not many other good places I’ve encountered.

    2. robert wesch count me in. Been bowling almost 30 years and I have no idea about anything beyond PAP and Pin location.

    3. @Eric Anderson I like Mo’s videos, even if much is beyond me. I have tried to get the local Pro Shop Guy to watch them, lol, not even interested…wtf!? Could explain why I have had at least 5 balls drilled poorly from a supposed Pro Shop..

  2. I think it would be a cool idea for ya guys to go over the mental game and how you recover from a “bad game” , I’m a senior in high school and the thing I see most is many kids will give up or have a big attitude , being the captain for the varsity boys I wanna know how I can help the team better mange there emotions you could say.

  3. Would like to hear your guys thoughts on ball selection for certain patterns so us average Joe’s feel better about spending $200+ on new equipment

  4. Great content once again. You guys are knocking it out of the park on a consistent basis. Good luck this week in Oklahoma.

  5. Man the PBA needs funding. Athletes have to pay for their equipment and there’s still tournament entry feeβ€” what a wild scene compared to other professional sports. A legitimate portion of the bowlers in a week will lose a lot of money… $500-$1000.

    1. @TraumaER i don’t know about you but before i was into bowling. I NEVER saw any broadcast of the PBA. Maybe it’s because i’m living in Singapore? I only ever watched the PBA and enjoyed it after I got more into the PBA. My friends that are not into bowling also find bowling boring to watch again and again.

  6. At least we got to see one gutter ball in the practice session Michael Tangs face like oh you were recording me good video guys keep them comingπŸŽ³πŸ¦ƒπŸ– maybe show a clip where u guys miss the 5 pin and order upπŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ˜‚

  7. Just to let you guys know, your basic videos have helped me a great deal. I’m 63 and my avg has been going down for the past 3 years…154 avg last season…I watched your videos, took your advice to heart and practiced…and my avg is 20+ pins over last season…and (it is nothing to you guys, but it was a BIG deal for me) I had a 606 series with a 224 high game!!! Thanks! I love both you guys and am a HUGE fan!!!!

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