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17 Comments on “What comes out of your bowling ball when you heat it?”

  1. Mine cracked just sitting in the bag over the summer but I did heat it last spring to get the oil out. Now I know better! Thanks for this info!

    1. Brian Cloutier your ball didn’t crack so to hearing from over last spring ago. It was due to not maintaining and cleaning the ball over the summer.

  2. No sticking it in a regular oven not smart. We have done our deoiling of our balls for awhile now. Some can not afford to take to proshop every time it needs it. You should be telling how and not scaring people about doing it themselves

    1. Doing it yourself is a choice, a bad one but a choice. The facts are what they are. We are simply educating people on what happens to the ball when you expose it to heat.

    2. @Jovan Louis We recommend using the Detox Machine as shown in this video. We are explaining what is happening when its used.

  3. Curious question, once a bowling ball has lost its layer of plasticizer, is its performance gone forever? For example, if I’ve had a mishap with a Detox machine and left the ball in longer than I should’ve (without it cracking)

    1. There is a lot of plasticizer in the ball. Over time the ball will lose performance when it all is gone. So Fresh and So Clean will help restore the performance

  4. Well talking with our pro shop guy and letting us know what to set it on and how long don’t think you could mess up no more then them. Had a ball crack because I could not get my pro shop guy at the time to do anything for me. Kept telling me it was not shiny enough so the oiled up. It was a solid ball and when it cracked looked like a pearl.

  5. I put the ball in the oven at 35 degrees, did this 5 times for about 10 minutes. And the oil ran out. thx fot the tip.

  6. I don’t think it’s correct to assume the oil stays in the area only where the ball touches the oil on the lane. The capillary effect soaks the oil over time in the whole surface even if you wipe the ball after every shot. Not a fan of detoxing or heating the ball to resurrect the surface of a ball

  7. I’m not a fan of Detoxing a bowling never have AND NEVER WILL…. Why because there’s is a good reason to do it and a bad one…. what I do is clean my ball after every session sometimes I clean my equipment when I have nothing else to do like a Sunday sitting around watching a football game I’m cleaning them…..

    There was a time I used 409 to clean my ball because it was cheaper…. and never had a problem with performance and before I worked in a bowling center I had a lot of re-drilled balls……

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