What Happens to the Surface of Your Bowling Ball Over Time?

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11 Comments on “What Happens to the Surface of Your Bowling Ball Over Time?”

  1. I started using their products 2 months ago. My Hammer V1 tour edition ball came from the factory with a surface of 1000. After 9 games I follow the directions from his video for my ball. The last 2 weeks I have had a 621, and last Monday a 644. My average is 182. Great product and videos. Thank you

  2. How long/how many games before a ball totally dies and cannot be brought back? Two of my favorite balls ever I used until there was no reaction left. I cleaned them after every use and had them resurfaced/oil extracted numerous times. Both balls probably had close to 1,000 games on them.

    1. I think Ron has a very good video describing how long it takes for this to happen. I think a ball can be prevented from dying if properly cared for.

  3. I have the trucut 5500 pad and the 5500 polish. So every 3-6 games should I use one or the other to keep it near 5000?

    1. If you want to keep it at 5000, you would just use the p5000D pad on a spinner. If you don’t have a spinner, you can use the p5000D pad by hand to get you to 4000, then use the polish afterwards to get it up to the 5000/5500 area. At least that’s what I do. It gets me the results I need.

    1. Small niche market. Like major medical equipment. Costs money to make a return on investments. You buy once and never need it again.

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