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    1. @FROSTECY You are a perfect example of just how indoctrinated folks are these days. As for where the virus came from, we know it came from China and it came from Wuhan province….there is nothing definitive what caused it, but we know after testing over 150K species that they have not found it naturally occurring in nature….that’s from The NIH and the WHO. I can only read the research and results. We’ve had a few cases in our circle of friends, because of my business, my wife and I have niosh respirators if we go somewhere the requires them. I’m pretty estute in the use of masks and respirators.

    2. you guys are funny. it was already here in nov 19.. it’s a scam. there are 3 drugs (main one’s) that get you over it in a less than a week. the masks they’re wearing are probably from china where the virus originated .. derp

    3. @TPC 1) Of course you’re anti-vax, but that isn’t what we’re talking about. Stop deflecting. 2) Vaccines prevent severe infection, preventing contraction is second to that. Breakthrough cases are expected.

    4. @Gabriel D I’m anti Vax? you are just a bowl of assumptions….you should probably avoid gambling on your assumptions, you running the Big 0-fer ….. Keep pushing your BS, you are a clueless clown 🤡🤣

    5. @TPC And I’d respond if I understood what gibberish you’re saying. Keep eating up the conspiracy theories and misinformation, sheep. Have a good one.

  1. Seeing that lane machine reminds me of a Brad and Kyle vlog from 2019 in Middletown DE. Funny Brad moment, talking to the lane machine, lol 😀

  2. Think you should’ve elaborated on how the patterns are coded into the machine. You made it seem like the machine will just oil the exact same thing over and over

  3. I’m often explaining to people about oil/oil patterns…if the lanes are dry when I bowl on Friday nights (either no leagues that day so the lanes havent been oiled in a day or the leagures chewed up the oil pretty badly)… I have a horrible time trying to adjust to a super dry lane. I use a urethane ball and it hooks pretty hard…Have to throw much harder or put much less rev rate on it and it doesnt feel comfortable.. I’ll switch lanes, find one with some oil on it, and all is good the rest of the night XD

  4. I always thought that the primary reason lanes are oiled (conditioned) to help protect them from damage, wear and tear. How it affects how we bowl was secondary, or so I thought.

    1. In a sense. But if that were the case every lane would be oiled the same. There are several different oils and conditioners with some being tacky and some being more “slick”. Try to do some research on the Kegel machines and patterns and you will learn a ton about how and why the different patterns are made.

  5. I’m seeking a job in a bowling alley. I lost my job due to covid-19. I have 5 years of experience in a bowling alley as an instructor as well as a technician…. 😴😴 I love bowling 🎳

  6. It’s hard to understand what you guys are saying due to the masks/loud music. Are you guys afraid of each other? I’m sure you’re both fully vaccinated. -.-

  7. Riding my bowling high right now. Just picked up my first 7-10 split last night in league. I’ve bowled for about 10 of the last 25 or so years on and off(I’m 33) and carry a 20X avg over my leagues. Still chasing that 300 tho….

  8. I love the more basic videos for learners. You can easily get caught up in technicality and theory of it all. Getting back to basics is so helpful.

  9. Years ago I bowled at a center where the manager would alter the oil pattern if anybody had an average of 200 or higher. He would shim the machine to flood the oil out to about the 3 board. Made for a lot of 2-4-8-10 splits.

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