What It Means For Your Bowling Ball to be Burning Up | What To Do About it With EJ Tackett

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One topic of ball motion that is often overlooked is when your bowling ball is burning up. Today we talk about it and show what it looks like.
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32 Comments on “What It Means For Your Bowling Ball to be Burning Up | What To Do About it With EJ Tackett”

  1. How do you tell the difference between a ball burning up like this vs. a ball skidding through the breakpoint due to carrydown (urethane or league bowlers throwing house balls/plastic)?

    1. If at the same line, you throw a heavier oil ball and it recovers, it was carrydown. If it doesn’t , it is burning up.

  2. So your options are:
    Open your angles wider to delay the hook.
    Switch to a lower diff ball.
    Switch to a shinier ball.
    Is this correct?

    I’m a 2 hander. I start with a Pin-Down, 2000 grit EJ VIP, which acts as a kind of faux-weak-solid ball that lets me keep my angles in front of me, and lets me play 15-5 on almost anything. However, because i’m using it so differently from intended use, It doesn’t last long after transition. Once I see heavy transition, I switch to a Pin-up Factory polish Axiom Pearl, and move way in to 25 or 30. This has never burnt out on me.

    Is my mentality correct here? I’ve just started league, so I really need to get my transition strategy down, and this is the first thing that has worked for me.

    1. If you see your ball burn up and open your angles, it will probably see more friction and burn up more. A lower diff ball will not help much, because coverstock and surface will be the 2 things that dictate ball motion most. A shinier ball will help. (unless the deflection is not caused by “burning up” of course).

  3. 0:35 what exactly am I looking for when you say it’s hooking “right there”? It doesn’t look like it shapes at all off of his initial launch direction until it hits the down lane friction. I can see that the ball is lazy, deflects, and doesn’t drive, but I can’t see the ball “Hooking early”. Is it extremely subtle? Am I missing something?

    1. Hooking is not the change of direction. Hooking is when the ball revs up. The shot at 0:35 that you are asking avout. The ball picks up and starts to rev up more burning off energy to early.

    2. “hooking right there” is not the best description. It is attempting to hook early (thus spending energy), is a better way to say it. I hope that helps.

    3. @oops You are right, it is subtle and it takes a lot of practice. Some balls try to hook early (even though they do not succeed by much), but the effect is not very noticeable until we see what the ball does near the pins.

  4. So, ideally you want the ball to split the 8/9 or have enough continuation to run over the 8 and let the pins take out the 9? But if it starts deflecting too much over the 9 and not touching the 8, it could be burning up?

    1. It’s better if it splits the 8-9. If it deflecting to the 9, then ONE of the reasons could be it is burning up.

  5. I just got a crux prime cuz I needed something really strong but I’m having this same issue with it on the fresh and I don’t have anything stronger what should I do

  6. Burning up? What is that (besides the symptom of ball motion)? Is the ball dirty? Does dirty mean it has oil on it? Is the ball ruined? Can it be fixed? Do you switch to a similar ball but cleaner? How do you tell the difference between a “burned” ball and lane transition?

    1. No “burning up” has nothing to do with dirt or oil on the ball. It means it spends too much energy too early.

  7. Would have been a better comparison if EJ threw a newer version of the same ball that wasnt “burnt up” that way we could see the motion that ball is supposed to make.

  8. Well there are 2 thing you can do……..yes 1 is change balls or 2 maybe lined up wrong…….NOT ALWAYS THE BALL!!!!!

    1. yup, I know a lot of house bowlers who will only bring 2 balls to the lanes a spare/urethane and a reactive, ron keeps larping on how the ball is burnt up but yet when the ball hits the friction it comes roaring back, it’s could be the lane is burnt up and you just got to adjust like you would if someone was throwing urethane on your line and pushing oil.

  9. Ssssooooo if you get it into the friction, the ball reacts the way it should, but if you throw it flat into the oil, it’ll labor and hit the pocket flat. Hmmm…. didn’t think we needed a video for that, but EJ is still one of my favorite bowlers today

  10. I HATE to admit this being a lefty and all………………..but EJ is my favorite bowler. EJ for President!

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