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  1. For the posture, what helps me is thinking about leading from the hip area as opposed to the shoulders. If you feel like your hips push forward, it automatically straightens your back.

  2. This is awesome to see. I play tennis and I know this all too well. We have to over exaggerate grips and angles just to get the right thing. That’s why I love bowling also. This video gave me a lot to work on next session.

  3. This is some of the stuff I was working on yesterday during my practice session. Didn’t think about my trail leg. Gives me some more incite as to why. Great stuff, thanks

  4. I was working on my spine tilt with my coach this weekend, we identified three points in my approach where I lean forward so the focus was just the first step for now, and we’ll see how that affects the rest of the approach. I found trying to lead with my hips and feet helped. I also notice I have a tendency to push my shoulders forward so I tried extend my arms to the push away while keeping my shoulders back and that started to help as well. As you said, it feels weird as hell but over emphasizing is the way to go.

  5. The struggle is real. I get too far forward in my first two steps as well and that causes me to pull down on the ball in the backswing (my wrist will bend forward and i end up turning the ball on the downswing).

    So Kyle, when you figure it out, please let us poor saps know :).

  6. I do the opposite, I’m too upright. My biggest issue for years has been getting the ball on the lane sooner. I work on it all the time but always lands around 3 feet out.

  7. this is so refreshing to watch. im sorry you’re struggling with the feel of what you’re working on, kyle. that’s so frustrating! it really helps validate my own frustration when im trying to work on my game too lol

  8. Great video as always! I would love love love to see a video, or several, on ball drilling and how layouts affect the ball motion.

  9. Mike had me practice the same stuff when I worked with him last year. Excited to see him again this year to see how I’ve done.

  10. This is exactly what I am struggling with, only differences is I push the ball up and out. I shift my hips the same way, very frustrating. I can bowl really good then tank for a few weeks until I find my way. Bowling can be very frustrating at times. Thank you for the video

  11. Instead of being concerned with where your right leg ends up, maybe determine why it’s kicking so far forward, ie: 9 o’clock vs 7-8 o’clock.

  12. Possible idea… mo pinnel taught me this back 25 yrs ago at a bowling school. When u are set on approach. Lift your first step leg ( right handed left foot for me was right foot as lefty.) I had the same issue.i was always getting ball into swing way to fast. That really slowed me down and worked extremely well.
    Don’t have to raise foot a lot just enough to get of the approach

  13. Among MANY other things, the two concepts mentioned in this video are areas I also need to improve. Very happy you covered these topics. Thanks!

  14. Glad to see Kyle getting back to practice. That said, it would be nice to have a video come out from you two talking about resuming practice after injuries. Maybe it could be common things like sprains, muscle inflammation/tears, carpal tunnel, etc.

  15. Very helpful, guys! Actually nice to see you somewhat struggle with the changes. It’s easy to become frustrated when working on something different, and it definitely helps having a great bowler (take a bow, Brad) to give you instant feedback! I think that one of my issues is that I bowl with my brother, sister, and daughter, and they all throw straight with lower averages (120-150). It would no doubt help if I bowled with higher average/more serious bowlers.

  16. love to see this type of practice. I signed up for a membership a couple of day ago. Can’t wait to be processed so I can bring this type of coaching into my game

  17. Appreciate the advice from the two of u, always something to learn or improve on. You’re never too pro to learn something new or smooth out what ya got.

  18. Very inspiring to see you guys still having things to work on such as this. What I love about this game is that you can never be perfect, it’s about the pursuit of it.

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