WHAT MATTERS MOST? Bowling Ball Performance | Layout • Coverstock • Surface • Core

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Which performance factor matters most? Today we take a look at some data and show our findings on which performance factor matters most.

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4 Comments on “WHAT MATTERS MOST? Bowling Ball Performance | Layout • Coverstock • Surface • Core”

  1. Love these videos. However, it may be deceiving to some people. Surface is only more important when comparing similar cover stocks. More surface on a poly will not cause it to hook more than less surface on a reactive. Type of cover stock is the most important.

  2. Surface changes 150 grit every shot till is lane shines to 5500 grit. Or polish Wears down till it hits 5500 Grit no polish. The most consistent ball is 5500 grit no polish. Therefore you can see the lane change instead of mistaking transition and changes with the ball transitioning faster than the lane

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