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36 Comments on “What You Don’t Get To See But Your Pro Shop Does”

    1. I’m thinking of purchasing a hammer urethane bowling ball mainly for spares but also as a strike ball as well should I get the purple urethane or the bw urethane also do u have to be a pro shop person to go to one of these events

  1. it’s nice to get a first-hand look of all these new products and new bowling balls that are coming out.

  2. My local house. Too bad I couldn’t come meet you Ron. I’m working today. Wanting to come represent CtD with you.

  3. Fascinating info on the C.O.R. as I didn’t know that & I just had my Volt drilled Friday! Happy to hear it’s so solid, so, thanx for this video!

  4. Love the roto grip line. I bowl with a roto grip and it’s a awesome ball. The reaction is priceless!!!!!

    1. Todd Lowe hey I’ve never thrown roto grip; what sets them apart? I’m considering the Halo Pearl.. have you thrown the HP ?

    2. Bill Burcell I have thrown the ufo and it’s a nice smooth but sharp reaction hardest hitter in the market

    3. @Bill Burcell to me its that really sharp cut at the bottom of the lane. The sharp cut is smooth and consistent.

  5. My brother has the new hustle balls and I’m getting the tropical surge they both look great I’m even getting the one he showed in the vid ( the purple ish one) nice vid btw!

  6. Does every single pro shop do a demo day? or is it something companies have to bring to you or? i’m not sure i’m in my bowling alley every few days and I just don’t know lol

  7. I am in the market to purchase a ball. I am a straight bowler, nothing fancy. What ball would you recommend for someone like myself?

  8. Yo if you bowl at Steve cooks you should come to a nor cal tournament in Sacramento and watch everyone there I’ll look for you and I want you to see what is happening and what I’m doing wrong I’m a 2 handed bowler btw

  9. I wish they did these kind of things where i live. I have been bowling for almost 30 years and I think there has been 1 within about 500 miles of me a few years back. I would definitely buy another ball if I could try it out first

  10. I really wish I could demo a ball before buying. I ended up buying 16 pound but I think it’s too heavy. I might have been fine with 15 or 14.

    but the proshop dude said I should have 16
    it’s weird.

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