WHAT’S THE BEST BALL OF THE YEAR? – The Best Bowling Balls of 2022 – Creating the Difference

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As an exclusive to the staff of Creating the Difference. We did a 45 minute livestream discussing the best bowling balls of 2022. You can join our Staff on ctdbowling.com for more special content.

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12 Comments on “WHAT’S THE BEST BALL OF THE YEAR? – The Best Bowling Balls of 2022 – Creating the Difference”

  1. I’m really like my Cosmos.
    I haven’t drilled my Speed yet, but it looked great in videos.
    I don’t think i have any other 2022 balls yet.
    I have a Jackal, but not the Mythic.
    I hate the way the Green(both of them) look rolling down the lake. Too distracting and makes it harder for me to set the ball motion. I think people are scoring well with them though.
    I almost bought the Defender hybrid, but i have so many string balls right now and decided not to. I think it looks great and told great though( based on videos).
    I have a few track balls, and the Legion solid looks nice to me.

  2. Where you looking at these based off out of box conditions? What about a comparison on staple balls 3 league ball bag what’s your first ball out the bag? So many questions after this video?

  3. Lots of love for the new HK22 Brunswick balls! All but the Top Speed mentioned 😮 I’m very excited to see what other balls Brunswick will come out with using that base!

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