14 Comments on “What’s your excuse for throwing a bad shot?!? … #shorts #bowling #ball #storm”

  1. blame my stupid self and try to find an excuse to blame the lane or the ball or even the oil machine. Then I realize it is all my fault. lol

  2. ‘The lane is tilted’ was my claim to “fame” when I was bowling youth league many moons ago. Then, last year I find out that this is a real thing when I started getting back into bowling! The vindication was euphoric!

  3. I just left the lane where I had my worst game in years for this exact reason. How do you correct that? My Zen became useless and had no idea how to transition.

  4. I blame my parents normally say “My parents got bored and did the sideways Monster mash and now I’m here missing 10 pins”

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