22 Comments on “What’s your highest all events at USBC Nationals? #shorts #bowling”

  1. Each year before I go, my mind says THIS will be the year…Each year after I leave, my mind says I SUCK, why do I keep going back! 🤣🤣

  2. Never been. But it would be cool if you guys did a video talking about nationals like a lot of other youtuber a and pros do. The only thing is it would be cool if you guys tried to cover other bases about nationals that they don’t. I feel like they all cover the same rudimentary things like “what Arsenal am I bringing” and what not.

  3. I could never put together a good trip. In 1997 at Huntsville Alabama I shot 1892 with a 758 in singles. I cashed for over $4500 from brackets and placing in singles

  4. this year was my highest – 1645 (standard) – sucked in team (470) did OK in dbls (530) then rocked it in sgls (645) – I’m happy! 🙂

  5. I am going to JG this year so I will see and I would love to see you guys there in Grand Rapids, MI

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