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21 Comments on “When and How To Use TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered By Turtle Wax”

  1. Thank you for this product. What process should be used when a 1500 grit polished ball needs attention? The CTd 3000, then P5000D, then finally the 5500 grit polish?

  2. It would be nice if you make another video of the actual polishing itself. We don’t know how much polish was used and how long he stayed on each side. This is needed for bowlers like me that’s stepping into self polishing.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr thank ypu ron,im just trying to wrap my head around the thought of how much the new polish you have changes the surface number

  3. I have a storm proton physix and a conspiracy theory, don’t know too much about sanding the balls with the pads. But could i use the polish on them after i clean them to put a shine on them? Especially the conspiracy theory

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