10 Comments on “When Should You Change Bowling Balls?”

  1. Thank you ya sometimes I wait to late to make ball change. Then say what could of been. The reason I wait cuz I think I might have rushed foul line or pulled ball. Need to get mechanics more sound. HOW ABOUT BELMONT making change in 10 th frame. Against Shaun rash. Thanks again.

  2. Ok, so here’s the age-old conundrum: Do I make a zone change with the same ball, or do I make a ball change? And if my first move is a zone change with the same ball, how many frames do I give it, before I make the ball change? Many bowlers understand both lane play concepts or zone changes and ball changes, but it’s when to do which one and how long to stay with one before going to the other, where it can get confusing.

    1. Not gonna lie, usually I can just throw it harder, loft it a bit, and keep the same line and same ball, especially on house shots. I see a lot of bowlers change balls like 8 times during the set and they struggle quite a bit, when all they really needed to do was just keep the same target and either throw it harder or loft it a bit.

  3. I think I I noticed the bowling ball is dying out at the end of the pattern that is my indication to move to something that’s going to pick up sooner.

  4. Would be really nice if Mike or Shan could do some content about Purple Hammers and other super aggressive urethane balls that carry down oil at the backends on house shots, especially for bowlers who have lower rotation.

    This happened to me at league last night. Had an awesome look but then hit the speed bump cuz someone on my opposing team was using a purple hammer. Only five of us on the pair so it affected things a bit. Had to move all the way left, get a super aggressive asym ball, go to a one step approach, and loft it to the arrows to get even a semblance of motion.

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