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29 Comments on “When To Use Surface On A Bowling Ball | Reaction Differences”

  1. Awesome video..Very helpful information, don’t stop what you’re doing cause it’s helping more bowlers than you realize..

  2. Some bowling alleys apply heavy amounts of oil especially on house shots so I use 1000/2000 grit pads

    1. Yes that is why it is important to have all of the pads and polish so you can change your ball motion when you need it

  3. Just bought the polish, and all the tru cut pads. Considering your videos I bet they’ll be amazing! Keep up the great work Ron!

  4. Soon as video was over o went to ctdbowling.com and ordered the hook more hook less kit. I can’t wait to try it out!

    1. Hmm… I have a different view on the shape change (that’s why I wanted your insight).
      I imagine the shape of the ball-motion as a line without the lane, so skid-hook-roll. When it enters the roll phase, the line goes straight (indefinitely). Now, changing the surface I only change the placement of this line on the lane. Lower the surface, the line moves closer to the foul-line, higher the surface the line moves toward the pins. That is how I picture it in my head. Maybe I am mistaking…

    2. @Igor Habljak technically the ball either skids or rolls. Hook as its defined is really still skid from a physics standpoint. Shape is a function of when the ball rolls. The earlier the ball rolls the more shape change there can be. Since sanding pads increase the chance of roll. They by default can change shape.

  5. Thanks Ron, graphically is the best way to demonstrate hoy the grit values affect the behavior of the bowling ball through the lane.

  6. Great video showing the difference in length and hook with the different surfaces. What lane condition and too much ball surface can make a ball lose energy and actually have less motion? That is the issue I have with stronger cover balls. Not the ball rolling forward, just that the ball rotates and has very little motion down lane.

  7. Hey awesome video. Great comparison to actually see you put the ball in the same general area using different grits, watching the different break points.
    Great content my brother, great content!

  8. The last comparison between the polish and the 500 pad, were eye opening! Been using your pads and purple stuff, So Fresh So Clean,since Jan. Of 2019. Top Drawer products!
    What is meant by “picks up in the mid lane”?
    Your videos keep getting better, and your info in all your video’s is much appreciated.

  9. My man ron love the videos really improved my game since I started using the products and looking at the channel 👌👌👌

  10. The BEST in depth review and helpful video I’ve seen. You went in so much depth which helped out and showed us how they worked in a real setting instead of just telling us. Thank you for this video!!!

  11. Great video. One thing I don’t understand is why the manufacturer specs of my pearl are 1400 grit and for my solid are 3000 grit. Based on your video I was expecting it to be the other way around, especially since the pearl is supposed to be later and angular and the solid is supposed to be earlier and more continuous.

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