24 Comments on “Which PBA Player Would YOU Want To Bowl Doubles With??”

  1. Tough one but Belmo, Brad, Kyle, Packy, Keven, Vitamin DTang, Mikey or Chris
    I’d be happy with them all
    I could bring the nova and double Nova with Brad 😱

  2. Biggest question I have is this: is the A/C actually fixed/working properly, because it’s no secret that’s been a major issue there over the past few years.

  3. Had a great conversation last night at the pro am with Brad. He’s such a great guy. Wish I could’ve saw Kyle as well but hopefully I can get a chance to talk with him this week.

    1. Agreed. Had a chance to say hi to Brad at the Masters in Detroit after qualifying. Probably was about the last thing he wanted to do after a long week but took time to say hi and chat for a few minutes and have my daughter snap a few pics. Brad and Kyle and all class. Dennis too. I dont think he gets enough recognition.

  4. I’ll go back to the two people I saw more of in my youth than anyone else. Marshall Holman Aleta Sill. They’re the reason I took bowling seriously.

  5. It’s nice to see some old school vlog style goofing around in the house with all the dudes. That was the best part of the older pre-2020 videos if you ask me.

  6. Had fun bowling the pro-am with you last night Brad. No more zen miller….Miller….. unleash the beast!

  7. Even with a response to something like that, Belmo shows how he’s able to see the game differently to everyone else

    1. To be fair tho amleto monacelli is still a very very high skill bowler I’m sure alot of them would agree 🤣

  8. I have now watched pretty much every video you guys have put out in the last 3 months…Brad your carry rate has to be 15-20% higher when you’re high flush than when you’re pocket flush right up to the elbow!!

  9. Marshall Holman. He was my hero, got to bowl a couple times in the 80’s with him. Definitely my 1st choice.

  10. Amleto Monacelli was my childhood hero as well. When Belmo said that, I was already thinking about how much I would love to bowl dbls with him when he was in his prime. Wow!!! What a great question to ask. The answers are always great to hear as well. Thanks again Kyle and Brad. Btw.. I bowled against “William” (Belmo accent) O’Neil in college. Blast from the past

  11. ive had a rough year, lots of ups and downs in life. you guys have helped keep me level along with my family. bowling has really changed my outlook on life and filled it with positivity i didnt know existed. i just want to say thanks for allowing us to tag along on your journey. i hope to keep my journey full of people like you guys

  12. Brad, thank you for taking a little time to chat with me yesterday after the pro am. Kyle, hope you’re doing ok. Don’t know who I’d want to bowl doubles with.

  13. Kris Prather, chill and fun guy! Such smooth release…
    Or my hero Chris Barnes!❤🇵🇭

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