27 Comments on “Who’s Ready For A MAJOR?! | 2021 USBC MASTERS”

  1. Lol I’m in a restaurant and I almost spit out my drink cuz I was excited by the notifications 😂😂

  2. Class can wait, this is more important

    Also for the 100k, do a gear giveaway such as a new ball or bag, and even possibly a private coaching session through zoom for the winner of said giveaway

  3. Every time I bowl in that stadium all I can think about is one of the best movies ever

  4. Do a before to current video
    Showing how far you came from the beginning until now showing you alls progress would be dope 100k vid 🦾

  5. What y’all should do is get everyone in the house, draw cards and whoever draws the same cards are on a team, and do a round robins doubles tournament!

    1. It was worse for me… some punks showed up wanting to fight. I somehow walked away without engaging. I hope security is tight enough there…

  6. Once you reach 100k subs, Kyle needs to step up to the plate at “The Nerd”…For those who are confused see there lasted video. Good Luck this week boys!

  7. I have only bowled there once for nationals but wow what a place. I was so bummed when Nationals got cancelled last year. Good luck guys.

  8. For 100k subs you guys should go on tour at different bowling alleys across America and people can come to get help or to meet you

  9. Let’s make these awesome guys 100k subscribers, they definitely made a lot to get recognition. Huge fan from Kazakhstan!
    Hope we get back on lanes very soon😑

  10. Glad you guys made it to Reno safe. Its my hometown, it has great restaurants and some cool spots a close drive away. Enjoy it while you’re here and good luck with the tournament!

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