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17 Comments on “Why A Factory Surface is NOT Repeatable on a Bowling Ball”

  1. I need help trying to decide which ball to get I’m stuck between the Intense Fire and the Halo Pearl.

    1. If you HAD to choose between the two, the Halo Pearl. But honestly, I’d pick up something even stronger like the Code-X and depending on your speed/tilt/rev rate, maybe even sand it down to 2000 grit. Your Pitch Black pretty much throws straight, and your Drive would fit in nicely in between.

      If you’re open to something out of the Storm/RotoGrip line, you May be interested in some new tech from Brunswick’s Dynamicore and DOT manufacturing process. Former refers to the core material inside the ball producing more pin *action* and the latter ensuring better durability in your ball’s ability to withstand cracking by basically marking the pin for drilling 180 degrees on the other side, which doesn’t result in any performance difference unless potentially if you were drilling into dual angle layouts, and drills in a much less fragile area, away from the head of the pin.

      That being said, I’d rec the Kingpin Rule or Method Solid with its massive 0.055 differential (which roughly translates to how much ‘hook’ potential the ball has). Both pack Dynamicores inside them.

  2. Is it beneficial to sand the bowling pins also ? I work at an alley and have the means to do it on my lanes.

  3. Do you guys have any of your stuff for sale at Nationals this year (your own booth or at one of the other booths)? I’ll be out there this month and would like to check out your TruCut pads.

    1. Our products are available at the South Point Bowling Center. There is a display in the Pro Shop.

    2. @Ronald Hickland Jr Thanks for the update. I’ll stop by there. Your videos have got me sold on them over Abralon pads at this point.

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