19 Comments on “Why Balance is Important in Bowling. Easy Drill to Throw More Strikes.”

  1. Hey Shannon Great Video! I would always have trouble keeping balance at the foul line and I hope this tip will work!

  2. This is my biggest problem in my game. I’m a 14 year old one hander and I fall off balance basically every time so thanks for the tips!

  3. Modern players dont post though. EJ, Simo, Belmo, Rash, all the guys winning dont do this. Randy peterson even says that they dont. So why should I? How does this help?

    1. I don’t know Randy Peterson. I’ve never met Randy Pedersen, the PBA hall of fame bowler who does the commentary on PBA telecasts either. I have never heard him say that the top pros don’t post their shots anymore. Belmonte can post a shot like nobody’s business. When I see a pro fall off a shot early it’s usually because of a problem with their shoe sticking on the approach.

    2. @TerryBollea1 I do tend to tune out the commentary.
      Pros do not necessarily post the shot until the ball hits the pins. 90% of the time they do post the shot till the ball is at least past the arrows. Almost without exception they are all balanced at the point of release and could easily hold that position if they wanted to. This is a far cry from the typical house bowler who hops or falls to the side after release because they are not in balance.

    3. @J Anderson ok. Maldonado, Tacket, Smallwood, Simonson, Rash. Sure. They all dont hop and fall over after shot. Sure they dontπŸ‘Œ

  4. I worked on this exact aspect a year and a half ago! My shot consistency went up, my release became more consistent and my average increased for that year! Yes, it took a lot of work, both physical and mental, but SO worth it. Thank you, again, Shannon for everything you share.

  5. When I committed to posting my shot for EVERY shot (strikes and spares) “magically” my scores improved. And having good leg and core strength helps you post a quality shots. πŸ™‚

  6. Your absolutely correct but when you get older have have a bad knee landing on the left foot can be really hard

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