7 Comments on “Why Bowling Ball Speed Matters. A Tip to Help You With Consistent Ball Motion.”

  1. I still think you set the ball down too early on your release Shannon, you are barely clearing the foul line

  2. Great video Shannon! It should be noted that especially on house shots, ball speed registered on the overhead is also a factor of the part of the lane on which the ball traverses. If you get it a couple boards left it’s likely to skid in the oil and register up to a couple mph’s more than if you miss right by the same margin. Of course you personally wouldn’t be as aware as the rest of us … cause you never miss. 🙂🎳

  3. I’m always monitoring my ball speed, especially if I start missing. My “goal” speed is typically 15.5. If I get it out right, hit my mark, and hit 15.5 its going to crush the pocket. A few weeks ago I’m not sure what happened, but I was struggling to get my call speed above 14.5 and wasn’t throwing good as a result. A few balls were even 13.6. I managed to get my speed back up, but caught myself throwing a few 17.8 last night in league. Consistent ball speed is one of my most frustrating things I struggle to stay, well, consistent with.

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