Why buying a older bowling ball may be a better option than the lastest offering.

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This video talks about why some balls stay in a products line, and why some are retired quickly.
For more detailed information on why the Game Breaker 2 was so good, check out this video. Hint… It's because it was build to be a dead copy of the wildly popular Game Breaker.
Also this video shows you how much impact core shape changes can have on performance.

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30 Comments on “Why buying a older bowling ball may be a better option than the lastest offering.”

  1. Yep. On the Storm side of things, give me an OG Hy Road over most of anything that’s new. I do like the Hy Road X a lot though.

    1. @Fluffyguy958 It’s quite good. Funny though I shot 7 with it the first set out of the box and then when I threw it after I wasn’t so sure about it for a while. Now that I have some games on it though I really like it.

  2. Sometimes the newest version is better than the old. Storm’s Phase was terrible. Phase II is fantastic

    1. @Typical Male that has to be the dumbest response I’ve ever seen. It’s only 10am and I’ve had my fill of ignorance for the day
      Cheers gentlemen.

    2. Well you gotta realize that they were two different balls. And the phaze wasn’t bad just bad for you.

  3. I’m a big Game Breaker fan ever since the very first one that released in 2007. Now fast forward to 2016 when the Game Breaker 2 MVP came out, I decided to take my chances on it, and I personally love this ball and still use it now. It honestly reminds me alot of the old Game Breaker Pearl, officially named the “Playmaker” for those who don’t know. Just had it de-oiled and resurfaced last week to prepare for next league season. I can swing the entire lane with it, hardly have to move through the set, rolls very consistently and has good drive through the pins. I now pair it with the GB3 solid and GB3 Pearl. I can’t say how it compares to the normal GB2 because I’ve never actually thrown the GB2, but I’m seriously considering getting it and see how it compliments each other to open up new options during my game.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr Not trying to be argumentative, but doesn’t that seem odd since you talk many times in your videos about innovation?

    2. @Ronald Hickland Jr where’s the challenge in that? the game is all about ever-changing variables. Lane conditions, pin action, angles, positioning… try something different! you may even find a ball that works even better for you.


    1. I got back in the game after years away from the game and the pro picked the Storm HyRoad Ist choice to drill.

    1. That one is a little different. They do have a different coverstock on that ball and they did a direct comparison between the new one and old one.

    2. no i think it was the same as the hy road and the other roads. i ended up getting the fireroad and its a really good ball i really liked the polished surface and that nice entry angle to the pocket, and also cause it was red lol many years ago i was looing for a ball that had good medium oil hook and good reaction, but fast forward to today i had no idea that the hyroad is still going on to this day and it just is really reliable and alot have won with that ball so back to the video i should of picked the better opinion instead of personally reasons but im really choosing between the hyroad and the phaze 3 but another ball the trend does what the hyroad does on smooth reaction and hits like the phaze 3 but i really want that kick and quick response to the dry and thats y im leaning towards the phaze 3 but anyway its the same with the hyroad and others.

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