Why Do We Have Rules in Bowling? | Hardness

Hardness has been a hot topic in the bowling world 2022. We take a look into why we have rules, specifically hardness.

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39 Comments on “Why Do We Have Rules in Bowling? | Hardness”

  1. Great, solid information. All the information you provide with this video along with all other videos is why CTD is doing as well as it is today. Clear and accurate information made easy for everyone to understand. Keep it up!

  2. This was really well done! It shows that the rules do matter and that bending them can benefit specific players more.

  3. This is wonderful. Really sheds light on all the things that have been going on in recent times. Glad to be a part of CTD! Thank you Ron!

  4. Thanks for the video Ron! Great to have these kinds of videos out there educating and clarifying things for people.

  5. Awesome work Ron and crew! This is why I am a staffer, prove what you say with data. Thank you for this information.

  6. Love getting to learn more about bowling. Can never stop learning with this game. Thanks for all you do for the sport -Chad Cartmell

  7. Wow! Very informative! Thank you for delivering a video that explains more in-depth the reasons for the rule package we bowl by and also for delivering more information for the reasoning for all the controversy at the beginning of this year with a few of the new releases bowling balls.

  8. Great video, Ron. A little knowledge goes a long way. Videos like this will only help get our sport, and the sportsmanship of it, back to where it was in the past.

  9. Great job Ron and staff. Really professional looking video. My question is, you mentioned that older balls will get softer over time. Do you think that USBC will start testing for softness of older balls at Nationals for regulars bowlers? Or even banning old balls?

    1. The certain ball that was found to get softer with age from a certain date range has already lost itโ€™s certification by serial number. The USBC last year began collecting data on urethane balls to see if this issue was limited to one model and how time versus affect correlate.
      Reactive resin balls, as the plasticizers are depleted, generally will become harder. Urethane covers are where the questions arise.

  10. Great video Ron. I hope this shows others what the reasoning is behind rules not only in bowling but among all sports. Team CTD is truly CREATING THE DIFFERENCE.

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