Why Do We Have Rules in Bowling? Trailer #1

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This video takes a look at why we have rules in the sport of Bowling.

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15 Comments on “Why Do We Have Rules in Bowling? Trailer #1”

    1. @Remo Evans if all leagues went to scratch they would just end up capping the team averages or an allowed window for each bowler. I haven’t seen the data since COVID but the once a week bowler who doesn’t work on their game much, if at all is still the majority of USBC membership. They can’t afford to exclude those bowlers. Never mind how many 200-220 bowlers would quit too.

    2. @William Freitas I don’t where you live at William, but in NJ, there are probably less than 10 scratch leagues that are currently in existence this season in all 21 counties. It is a travesty when you see High-average players, many who are a combination of State and County Champions, Hall of Famers, PBA Members, some who are also National and Regional Champions as well, a couple who are also USBC Hall of Famers, who are forced to bowl in handicap leagues. One particular league, which was a PBA Challenge/Sport Condition league, was switched over to a handicap format. Being a Inactive PBA Member (MVA’s by a 2 drunk drivers stopped my bowling😱🤦🏿‍♂️), I know that several members practice in the sport pattern leagues to help improve their games, as well as their timing and execution, especially before a scheduled Regional Tournament. It somewhat defeats the purpose by making the league handicap. PBA Regionals and National Tournaments DO NOT give any type of handicap.

    3. @Charles Peak Jr why did the sport league go to handicap? I agree the lack of scratch leagues is troubling and sad. Currently our sport league isn’t sanctioned so we can let the high school bowlers participate w/o breaking state athletic association rules just to have more bowlers. Many, many said they wanted a fall sport league then we tried starting a trio sport league six people signed up. As memberships decline finding quality leagues for everyone will become harder, unfortunately.

    4. @William Freitas BTW. You hit the point on your statement regarding if the bowling centers decided to make all the leagues scratch. Just my observation, I had discussed this years ago. Here is a hypothetical situation. Let’s say that you cap a five-man league at 1075 max (back in 2012, we did 1050 max). Considering how scores and averages have increased, we may need to go higher. It will give teams the opportunity to try to “load” their teams with higher average players, but at the same time, try to get one player at the league minimum average (185), who can probably shoot “lights out” (over 200). Only problem is this situation is for the 30-36 weeks, the team average is 1090+, so they are either forced to break up their team to keep below the cap for the following season or they raise the cap, which will make other teams do the same thing to become more competitive.
      Or the team can take the royally, less honorable route and have one or two of their bowlers sandbag to stay below the cap.😱🤦😡

  1. I think the more poignant question is why we have some rules and not others. The same sanctioning body that will limit the amount of differential on a bowling ball and eliminate balance holes is perfectly fine with proprietors not oiling the outside and awarding honor scores shot on such conditions.

  2. Storm is probably sponsoring this documentary, in direct response to criticism of their decision to declare some of their own bowling balls not PBA eligible, in the middle of a major tournament! Randy Pedersen, who was formerly sponsored by Storm, has been highly critical of Storm’s decision.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr Ok, thank you for the clarification.

      This Storm controversy makes me wonder an awful lot about the future of PBA bowlers.

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