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5 Comments on “Why Join TeamCtD”

  1. I love your products but I work long alternating days so committing to leagues and bowling events when I work every other long weekends is just not in the books. Years ago maybe. Good luck.

    1. In my area we have weekend leagues that run every other week. May be worth checking into in your area.

    2. @William Freitas they don’t staff people that hardly bowl. If you can’t sell yourself as a product then you can’t sell their products for them. They won’t stay you.

    3. @todd bowman I offered a possible solution to your not being able to commit to a league. A way to not be hardly bowling. There are also always teams looking for additional members to bowl as their schedule fits. Like the sixth man on a five person team.

  2. You don’t have to be a league or tournament bowler to join Team CtD. Sign up, and get access to all the information that’s available for team members to learn about proper ball surfacing and maintenance, and to get a discount on the absolute best products on the market.

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