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22 Comments on “Why you leave a 10 pin in bowling and what to look for.”

    1. The Ball hits the Pocket too light in the 1st clip. in the 2nd Clip he hits more left, correct?
      So when you are better in the pocket, like in the 2nd clip, you are shooting the 3 pin diagonal to the 6 pin and the 6 pin diagonal to the 10 pin. watch maybe some other slomotion strike videos, you will see it there also.
      When you are hitting the Pocket to light, (light means too much on the right side, when you are right handed) like in the 1st Clip, you gonna hit the 3 pin more frontal. that causes that the 3 pin is gonna hit the 6 pin more on the left side and the 6 pin is gonna fly more the right and not diagonal. then 6 pin then hits the wall and fly behind the 10 pin.
      So what can you do? Just go a little bit to the right, with your feets, just 1 or 2 strips (that would be the easier and more constant solution) or slow down your throwing speed.

      So that was my (maybe bad) german english. there you go 😀 i hope that helped.

    1. Dave Justice The solution to the first shot depends on what you did wrong.
      If you missed your target to the right, well, don’t do that again.
      If you missed your release getting less revs than normal, again don’t do that again.
      If your speed was higher resulting in a later break point… Don’t……etc.
      If everything felt right up until the ball didn’t hook enough something on the lane has changed.
      The most common ways the lane changes is oil is moved into you ball path, or oil is removed from your ball path.
      To tell the difference, you need to observe the balls axis of rotation as it progresses down the lane.
      If the ball retains axis of rotation longer than normal, the ball has encountered more oil than normal.
      If the ball loses axis of rotation quicker than normal, the ball has encountered more friction than normal.
      If more oil, try moving your feet slightly to the outside and your break point slightly outside by a similar amount.
      If more friction, try moving your feet slightly to the inside and leave your break point as is.

    2. The solution is to be more flush in the pocket. Yes, that’s easier said than done on a consistent basis but in a nutshell, that’s it

  1. What I am seeing when I watch the replays the first shot is hitting the pocket to far to the right of the head pin while the second shot is drilling the front right side of the head pin. Basically just hit the pocket high enough so you knock the 3 to the 6 and 6 to the 10 but low enough so you don’t leave 4 pin (EDITED FOR MIKE) 😉

    1. Toyblox1 Again, if your ball actually hit “behind” the head pin, the head pin would be pushed to the side, and forward. So my question would be, How did you get the 2 pin to fall?
      If the head pin hit the 2 pin the ball clearly didn’t hit behind the head pin.
      Optimum shot has the balls path 2.5” offset from the center of the head pin, 1 inch further offset will indeed likely result in a 10 pin, but you can have as much as 6.5” offset and still hit the head pin. It’s only at extreme entry angle and about the last 0.1” that you could possibly hit behind the head pin.
      In that case there is no way you would mistake that shot as hitting the pocket, you would have expected to miss the head pin completely, but nicked it.
      It’s hard to communicate, and learn if you use words incorrectly.

    2. Toyblox1 Think of building your bowling knowledge as the equivalent to building a brick house. You don’t want to put up the walls and as you start on the roof find out that some of the bottom bricks are crumbling. As a high school age bowler, you’re working on the first few layers of bricks. All I’m saying is at least one of those bricks is likely to crumble in the future.

      A lot of what is given as fact simply isn’t. Usually it’s just what someone in the past came up with, and no body questioned it thoroughly. You are responsible for the “bricks” you accept into your mind. Verify their correctness. You have a lot of years ahead of you. Better to spend that time adding quality bricks than having to go back and shore up crumbling bricks.

    3. Thank you for the information my coach isn’t really the best so people like you are the reason why I’m becoming a better bowler my coach is good at bowling he’s just not good at teaching it

  2. Ball has to come off the pin deck at the 20 board to strike. Depending on what type of 10 pin you’re leaving, flat ten adjustment is a board or 2 right as you’re coming in light, wrapping 10 is you’re coming in heavy and the adjustment is one to two boards left.

  3. I’ve worked on pinsetters for 20 years and I’ve bowled what I’ve noticed being a mechanic that the pins are not on the spot and some bowling alleys the gutters are two deep so the pin can’t knock the 10 out and sometimes it’s the bowlers thats why 10 pins stand

    1. This. If your 3 pin is offset to the left (a tight 1-3), re-rack. Otherwise, you are done. My friend washed me out of a matchplay tournament for that exact reason. A rack was offset; closing off the 1-3 to me and opening the 1-2 for him ( a lefty). I had to finish on the bad rack. Tried to go as high flushin as I could and still left the ten to lose. Bowling is a wild ride of breaks.

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