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24 Comments on “Will Brad Make This Cut? | 2020 PBA WSOB”

    1. Melissa Coats you’re probably better off heading to PBA.com and getting the full rundown there.

    2. @Adrian Bradley Yes, that is currently the best way. But you kinda gotta know how to navigate that site to see what you’re looking for too. I can maybe help some with that as well. Another thing fans here may like to know is Brad is currently seeded #5 on the Scorpion Championship.

      Those interested can watch it all next Tuesday… with the Round of 16 beginning at Noon EDT on FloBowling, followed by the Round of 8 at 3pm EDT, and ultimately the Finals seen on FS1 at 8pm.

  1. I don’t like watching people’s daily vlogs but I try to watch your guys videos as soon as their posted. Love your guys content 🀯🀯🀯πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅

  2. Hopefully y’all stop losing. It’s like knowing the ending before going in to watch a movie. Best of luck

  3. Prather showing he is human…lol…Tell DT he is slacking on the plug😳…. What are the chances of the show being made up of all β€œHouse β€œ guys…??? That would be awesome

  4. Hey Guys, really enjoy your vids. I use to bowl a whole lot, Gfather owned bowling alley. Okay, so do you guy use the keyboard at all? That’s all we used back in my day.

  5. Your content is great. Always learning new things from watching your bowling videos. Brad and Kyle rule!

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