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This video is a look back at a historical night at Harvest Lanes in St. Charles, MO on Wednesday November 30th 2011. Buckets on Deck (Connor Druhm, Eddie Cetwinski, EJ Parks, Brad Miller, & Ryan Council) bowled the highest ever recorded single team game with 1434 including a 300 & 298 game. The Breakaway Men's League is USBC sanctioned and can be followed on for a complete list of accomplishments. was on hand to cover the action and piece together multiple cell phone videos for your enjoyment. - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

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21 Comments on “World Record Bowling Team Game – Buckets on Deck – St. Charles, MO”

  1. After reading all the comments thank you everyone for your positive or negative feedback. I do not care if people bash this score or how we bowled because I went out with a group of my friends and had an amazing night that none of us will ever forget for the rest of our lives. For those who have been bashing such as Jemeagle99 only people that truly know us have any right to bash us, you know absolutely nothing about us and our game even if it isn’t like the old days times change Go cry about it

  2. House shot or not these guys from top to bottom all throw the ball very well. Plus still have to knock all ten down. Congrads!

  3. Again, congrats guys on your record, you all earned it, you all work hard on your game, especially if Coach Randy has added to the practice and coaching regimen he had when he started with my class in 2002-03.

  4. They remind me of the time I made it to nationals for 4 steps. My team and I couldn’t act as crazy as them but on the inside we felt like them haha. I think the only two differences between us and them are age and they do 10 pin, we do five pin. But that was some really nice shooting. Nice job.

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