Worst Break in Bowling? A Twisted Sick Messenger

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During the 2013 Proprietor's Cup Semi-Final Match, Jim Cook from Indianapolis, Indiana left a solid 10-Pin in the 9th frame. The raw power from his bowling ball sent a messenger pin spinning at the 10-Pin and it FAILED to knock it down.

This may be the worst break in bowling history.

This tournament was webcasted live on InsideBowling.com on July 14th, 2013,

Commentators were Pete Barta and Mike Flanagan.

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29 Comments on “Worst Break in Bowling? A Twisted Sick Messenger”

  1. I’ve had a worse break I left a pocket 7-10 when the pins actually touched both the 7 and the 10

    1. Well he did have enough energy to send a twisting messenger across and nearly get the 10. Besides messenger strikes usually occur on weak-10 hits anyway.

  2. It seems like you have the negative attitude… lol…We all have those shots where we think we got robbed…common man..lol

    1. @sodapop you are totally wrong I an an stroker and i would leave a ten pen like a lot so if you don’t know bowling you can get a bowling ball and try it for your self

  3. How about you look at that deflection of the ball at impact and say how the ball had no “drive” through the pocket. Ball should be between 8 and 9 pin when falling off the deck. This guys ball is behind 9 pin. Equals: weak ball.

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