YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS BALL MOTION IN YOUR BAG – What Angular Ball Motion Is and What Is The Best?




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13 Comments on “YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS BALL MOTION IN YOUR BAG – What Angular Ball Motion Is and What Is The Best?”

    1. Depends on the bowler throwing it, although it is marketed as continuous and probably is for the majority of players, for Billy, it’s one of his angular options

    2. Looks like the Envy Tour is continuous through the pins. I saw very little deflection once the ball entered the 1-3 pocket

  1. Interesting for me the Primal Shock is more on the continuous side than Angular, but the motion clearly is a different one than mine compared to Billy’s.
    But yeah you really can tell the Angular motion is not exactly something for the fresh

  2. Another great, informative video from the CTD family. I like how you guys aren’t tied to any one line of balls so there can be comparison reviews from across the board. Billy is a beast!

  3. With me I have a hyroad x with the 1500 /3000/p5000d by hand and in my league I have broken down lane oil and my hyroad x is pin under middle finger ( me speed dominate lefty ) and I can stand 20 to 25 on the old wood throw it to the left gutter and it makes the angular move to the pocket. I also have a original gd honey badger, IQ tour emerald as well .

  4. I absolutely love my eternity.. I can play straighter and up the back or move left and throw it right! It’s a very smooth and early ball for me and will be in my bag for a while..

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