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16 Comments on “You Should NEVER Use This Product On ANY Bowling Ball”

  1. I didn’t know anyone used it on bowling balls to clean them. Only time I’ve seen pro shops use them is when cutting down grips and smoothing them out.

  2. Good promo for your cleaning product? The reason acetone is banned isn’t because it damages balls. It’s because it softens urethane and makes it grip the lanes more. #themoreyouknow

    1. There are also parameters for how soft the ball can be..thus why using acetone is dumb.. fir the average Joe it probably won’t ever matter. .. but if you go to a bigger tournament and get a random ball check it could bite you. Just last year a bunch of pba guys had og purple hammers pulled because they were too soft..

    2. Softens the ball = damages the ball. It’s also highly flammable. If you do a little searching You will find a video we did showing the details of acetone and bowling balls.

  3. Thanks Ron for this IMPORTANT NEWS. Some if us are just trying to find a cheap/quick way of cleaning our balls and don’t know the harm/danger of what we are doing to our bowling balls!! Thank You for keeping us informed !!😀

  4. I used acetone to clean the metal rollers from printing ink. It’s really very strong product and I would never recommend it to be used for any bowling balls. It’s also very toxic and flammable.

  5. I never ever use acetone myself but my pro shop does to take off the grease pencil marks that they put on the ball to map out the layout.

  6. Pro Shops use acetone frequently to clean off grease pencil marks after laying out a ball and to smooth/soften finger grips after being trimmed down to be flush with the ball. So if the USBC says to never use acetone, then Pro Shops aren’t getting the message.

  7. Someone should leave a ball in a bucket of acetone for a week and see how long until it cracks when you take it out to bowl. Lol

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