Your Bowling Ball Shrinks???

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12 Comments on “Your Bowling Ball Shrinks???”

  1. Wry interesting. I use the 1000 grit pads, trucut, and the life after death cleaner. Quality products. Love your videos also.

  2. Are there advantages/disadvantages to a smaller bowling ball? Also, is there a minimum size the ball must be? Thank you!!

    1. Have you ever missed a tiny split like the 3 – 10 and the bowling ball goes right thru the middle of both pins, not touching either one of them? Now widen the ball, and throw it in the same spot, and both pins will drop.

  3. Packy drilled one of those Quantum’s and it thumps down the lane every rev, lol. $500 for a useless 30 year old thumper.

  4. Aside from that Hy-Road shrinking more because of the thicker cover, it also will probably shrink at a different rate on different parts of the ball because the cover is significantly thicker on the bottom of the weight block. So that should mean that the ball won’t be perfectly round when enough shrinking occurs. Correct?

  5. That poor Motiv EXJ VIP😢. I will throw a few strikes with mine during league to honor it’s fallen comrade.

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